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Egyptian arch-gnosis, part 4 | e-book

Egyptian arch-gnosis, part 4 | e-book
Auteur: Rijckenborgh, J. van
ISBN: 9789067326872
Verschenen: 8-3-2018
Pagina's: 0
Uitgave: Uitgeverij Rozekruis Pers
Binding: E-book
Genre: English e-book
Berichtcode: Leverbaar

Prijs: € 15,00

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Volume 4 contains the books 13 to 17 of the Corpus Hermeticum, describing the results on the path of liberation: how the heart can change and be liberated. How becoming still for God works as a supreme remedy. How everyone following the path of the soul is connected to every other one. And how this Meer...


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